Go left until you reach CJ’s computer. Congratulations! I’m now not positive where you’re getting your info, but great topic. Add new page. IHAVE PUSHED THE FISH FOOD IN THE TANK AND ALL AND I AM CLICKING THE KEY BUT I CANT GO GET IT I THINK THE FISHES ARE BLOCKING ME. You will be zapped back into normal size. The Poptropica walkthrough will reveal all of the genie's hiding spots, revealing the secret to getting your very own magic carpet. Simply click on the arrow located on the gun. You’ve accidentally let the orange cat into the house, you will now have to get him out. Next, push the pink soap bar left until it reaches a floating, yellow rubber ducky. Posted by: Fierce Moon March 7, 2014. 1. You’ll see a message regarding CJ’s Shrink Ray project, close it. 77 Pages. Climb up until you reach the the white, round thermometer. To make this easier, the outcome of the phrase is: Basically, you don’t even need to pay attention to CJ. Now, you’ll need to switch the shrink ray from SHRINK, to GROW. We'll also teach you how to master the Mighty Action Force card games, and reveal all of the secret card locations. Head back to wherever you parked your truck. Proceed right into the next room. When you’ve arrived on Shrink Ray, you’ll slide down and jump on to a tire-swing. Wikis. hey bitch beat me 164 store items seeing a member 3 more days :O, move the sponge the opposite way your going ohhh and the way you get to the top of the tank is to turn the air thing on and jump to resurface. Climb up to the top, where the two antenna’s are located. 8. . This is probably the funnest part of the island. 6. It will jump to a cut scene, and then into an obstacle game. Find out how to get past all the toughest parts of the first episode of PoptropiCon with the official Poptropica walkthrough for PoptropiCon: Line Forms Here! Start and exit the game. We'll show you the locations of every page of Timmy's detective log, teach you how to make Total the Polar Bear do your bidding. Poptropicon Island Episode 2 – Spoiler Alert 15. guess you forgot that! How do you get into the Sultan's palace? Continue right into the next room. You’ll land on a pink bar of soap. That's why our official Timmy Failure Island Poptropica walkthrough video will help you make the case, step by step. oh yeah man who in their mind doesnt know how to spell come on retard get to kn! In the official Poptropica walkthrough for Galactic Hot Dogs Island, we'll even give you some cheeky Poptropica cheats by revealing the locations of every planet and Lost Triangle on your galaxy map. Jump on to the big green button. Cheat Codes | Poptropica Wiki | Fandom. I HAVE ALL 34 MEDALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go into your inventory and select USE under your Screwdriver. 10. Can't beat the Cheetah Bandit up the side of the building? The fan will reveal CJ’s pink thumb drive. I can't go left to the Tv because of the sponge thing. it keeps saying im not sure what to do with the paper here. Poptropica Worlds is comprised of unique islands with imaginative themes, quests, endless customization features and a learning adventure. You’ll see CJ! Poptropica Cheats for Shrink Ray Island. Make sure the cat dish is loaded with a decent amount of cat food before continuing. You won't need any other Poptropica Cheat Videos ever again! 21. Our handy Poptropica walkthrough will guide you to safely make your way through the jungle, mushroom, and asteroid planet. You will now have to solve what she’s saying via Morse Code. Climb up to CJ’s Diary. Shark Tooth Island 5. 2. You’ll need to flush this quickly, so jump up on to the flush lever. :(((((. When you’re on the portrait, go left until you reach the fish food. We have the right Poptropica walkthrough that’ll show you exactly where to find every part of the costume,so you can win the contest! i finally completed this island!on my other account i completed all of the islands that were there and i got 500 credits!AND i got to play the new island when it was not even out yet! 1. i meant how do u unstack the books to make a ramp?????????????????????? Go left and into the first room. Move the cat dish left, to just below the edge of the counter. -_-, did you drop the book? Now, exit the bathroom completely. You won’t be able to get this controller until completing the next room, though. He’ll run into the bathroom. You say there is a mirror? Just type the letters in order when you get the chance to spell out the phrase above. If not, try a couple of more times or watch the video tutorial below. 24. Go back to CJ’s room. Then the laser will rebound off the mirror and shrink him… Hope this helps…. It's all in our official Poptropica walkthrough for PoptropiCon: Spoiler Alert. Where is the mirror I cant find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get out of the toy truck, and jump on top of it. You won't need any Poptropica cheats with these official strategies and game tips for beating Omegon and completing PoptropiCon: Reign of Omegon. That jerk ninja in the bathroom line got you down? Now, you’ll need to escape the apartment. She’ll say that she’s fine, but that Mr Silva cannot see you two. Now, proceed all the way to the telescope. Head back to the room with the fridge and the controller. The oil will start dripping on to the floor, making it possible for you to move the dish. Climb up the floating trash, and jump on to the bed. lol. Grab a purple grape as well, located right beside the piece of paper. If you’d like aid on how to complete this racing/obstacle game, simply view the video tutorial below. thats all really BUT IM SECOND WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. If you’re screaming for Poptropica help capturing the genie and completing the final installment of the Arabian Nights saga, look no further! the truck wont ramp the books please reply, OMG I CANT GET PAST THE CAR JUMPING OUT THE WINDOW I SOOOOOO NEED HELP …………………… ANY IDEAS ???? what is a good online game such as fantage? ya, she is not a the window 4 me, but i did all of the steps!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next, jump from the rubber ducky to the other side of the bathtub. You’ll see a bottle of oil. He’ll ask you to go check on CJ. Plug in the toaster by first clicking the plug, then following up by clicking the wall. Early Poptropica Island. Thanks for fantastic information I used to be in search of this information for my mission. When people talk about cheats, they are most likely referring to island guides are little hints and tips on how to get past certain parts of the different islands. Continue to chase him into the bathroom. Find out how to get past all the toughest parts of the first episode of PoptropiCon with the official Poptropica walkthrough for PoptropiCon: Line Forms Here! Timmy Failure Island 12. The remote will now work. >.<. Instead of arriving all at once, it was released in five separate episodes. When Cosmoe, Humphree, and Princess Dagger are scattered throughout the galaxy, you'll need all the help you can get to rescue them. UGH I AM MAD I CANT DO THIS. Go to the store. It will unlock itself, only to reveal a page and a half! 27. The Poptropica walkthrough for Arabian Nights: Careful What You Wish For contains all of the secret formulas, hidden item locations, and puzzle solutions to help you finish this quest. Learn how to free the actors playing Elf Archer, Gold Face, and World Guy. its especially hard when you have to hide behind stuff so that mr. silva won't shrink you. Now, jump from the toy truck into the garbage. Walk up to the door, and click ENTER. I love this web site but I hate the part were mr s trys to shoot me smaller I cant pass it and I cant find the vido on how to pas it shoot, I don’t know how to get on the ramp every time i try my avatar says “Jumping off this ramp would fly me straight through the window!i’d need a pretty good reason to do something that crazy”. THANK U CHEATS . just hop on the drawer to boost yourself up. Click on the note located beside the computer. same, that’s the only reason why i even did this island, and they ripped me off! When you’ve placed the Piece of Paper under the lamp, climb up and jump on to the lamp. In all? Mission Atlantis Island Episode 2 – Fortress of the Deep PLEASE HELP, WOO HOO YES I WON FINNALY !!!!!!!! Climb down from the Diary, and walk over to under the lamp. Get in it, and drive. You’ll now be in CJ’s apartment. You’ll now need to access her computer. Venture into the Viking village. You will unbolt the battery container of the truck. Need help finding all the parts of the Thor costume? i cant see cj on the window someone help or reply to me pls. Go into Avenue A, and head right until you see a door with an orange cat. Jump on to your soap bar, and then on to the rubber ducky. TO THE BITCH:lizz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The official Poptropica walkthrough for Arabian Nights: Lair of Thieves contains every secret and cheat you could ever need to finish the Island. Now, jump over to the TV. Talk to the last man, and select option 3. 18. The television screen will turn on. Get back into your toy truck, and go back left until you reach a TV. CJ will most likely be located in her apartment on Avenue A. Walk right until you reach the Science Fair.

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