It also has a black powder finish to give the safe a quality look. With this safe box being available in “X-Large” and “XX-Large,” you can have a very large yet lightweight car gun safe solution on your hands. The keypad is placed on top of the pistol safe in finger shaped indentations making it easy to use even if the room is dark. 0000001624 00000 n Plus, you can have that extra element of security by using the supplied steel cable to wrap around fixed objects. It would suit anyone wanting a stylish yet discreet car gun safe option and is easily one of the Best Car Gun Safes currently available. But as recommended in the dimensions section, the MVB500 is best suited for 1911 .45’s and 9 mm pistols and should have no problems fitting them in. Of course, this is not only used as a portable unit. For a thief equipped with tools the safe may be broken into within an hour which is fairly standard for gun safes. You would use it to lock your firearm away and maybe slip the box under your seat so as you can drive safely and legally. Your new GunVault safe is a high quality product, which will give you years of service, backed up by excellent Technical Support and a strong Warranty. If your problems continue after thoroughly exhausting all possibilities and changing the battery then get a replacement safe as it could be the scanner not working properly. This translates to the safe being very secure and reliable for your gun to remain hidden and concealed. You also get a strong steel tethering cable with this set-up. There is adequate enough space for you to store a full-sized handgun and some spare ammunition inside this safe design. This is a great little safe to have in the home also. It also comes in handy for putting away other valuables that you may typically find in a vehicle such as a GPS unit, driving documents, cell phone, radar detector, etc. We pride ourselves on our commitment to manufacture a responsible firearm 20 Gauge Steel and Precision Construction. It’s also an all matte black powder paint design that looks discrete yet attractive. The improved high strength lock mechanism and precise fittings make it virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools. And, if you decide to use the full eight-digit passcode potential with this pistol safe, you will have an ultra-secure way of keeping your handgun hidden safely away. Exterior Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x 2.25 Inches. The Gunvault MV500-STD Gun Safe is essentially a light-use product, effective only for basic storage requirements in low pressure situations. This is especially useful when on the move and staying in hotels if you want to store your handgun separately if there is not a hotel safe provided. You will need to press them more or less directly in the center. It isn’t the best portable gun safe I have reviewed but then for such a low price you do still get a well constructed unit. GunVault products delivered without a pre-arranged Return Authorization number may be returned to sender unopened, at owner expense. Try using different pressures when recording your fingerprint, pressing harder on the scanner tends to transmit and record more information and detail of your fingerprint. All you need to do is use the Biometric Fingerprint Pad to gain access instead of remembering a complicated combination code. Please refer to the frequently asked questions and feel free to use the tips we provide in this MVB500 review to inform your buying decision. The hinge on this construction is cleverly concealed inside the gun safe door so that no tampering is possible. This of course does depend on the age of the child, how much time they have and how determined they are. Plus, when the box is locked, it cannot be removed from the mounting bracket – making for a very secure storage system. The majority of customers have found the safe incredibly easy to set up and use reliably over and over. This is an incredibly affordable portable safe choice. 0000002722 00000 n Late at night, when you need your gun, getting it out can be a problem. The safe is designed to be a portable easy to access biometric safe that can be mounted onto a flat surface if desired. Plus, you could keep extra ammunition or anything else that you want to keep concealed and secure. People also enjoyed using the scanner as it made them feel very tech savvy and easier than remembering a complex combination for the safe. 0000040193 00000 n While inside the safe, the material used is scratch resistant so that your gun or other valuables will remain scratch free and undamaged when the safe is moved around. With this safe being TSA approved, you shouldn’t have any worries about carrying this case on a flight. It’s compact as well, meaning you can store it conveniently under your car seat, trunk, or wherever else you can think of that suits your needs best. If this is the case for you, then here is our…, We are impressed with how many well-designed portable safe options there are on the market today. The steel also has a very nice looking powder coat finish to add extra strength and durability. 0000017476 00000 n With this cable, you can keep the safe box exactly where you want it, without the worry of someone stealing it or moving it elsewhere. Plus, there is a soft interior lining that will keep your gun and valuables safe front dents and scratches when you are on the move. Moving on now to another of our Best Car Gun Safes, we’re taking a look at this Bulldog Cases Car Safe, which comes with a key lock, mounting bracket, and security cable. The safe is small enough to be portable and large enough for many standard handguns such as 1911, .45 and 9mm pistols. All-in-all, this portable pistol safe looks pretty stylish, and it should be able to transport your handgun and other valuables securely to wherever you’re heading. It may be from the microvault series but the size of the safe was definitely large enough for the intended purpose of the safe, to store handguns securely. �^̷֚��G'!w��b���2x�3�1``��*�iP�0MfԔ���VI��W#�T One customer found a really neat use for the safe was to pull out the lining and store extra items underneath the lining before replacing. Plus, you get a choice of mounting this safety box or just attaching it to the supplied security cable. Also, the outside is made to be incredibly hard and very difficult to penetrate or break open. Though, some shine out from the rest in terms of build quality, compact sizing, and weight. The average customer rating across all outlets that sell these is 4 stars. There is a great anti-tamper feature that will let you know with a beep, and flashing red LED, if an incorrect attempt to open the safe has been made since you locked it. Access will be blocked after repeated invalid keypad entries. Some of you may want a more budget option to store your firearm securely. This mini gun safe will no doubt keep the younger kids out but may not create much of a challenge for a determined teenager. 7 Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe. We genuinely hope that it has helped you find a gun safe solution that will perfectly fit your criteria. Additionally, the safe also comes with a 1500 pound four-foot steel test cable. Overall, the Liberty HD-90 Safe has a very clean-cut, smooth, and professional-looking design. The Recommended Retail Price is $249.99 but is for sale on Amazon where you can save nearly $70 getting it from there. This helps the safe learn and adapt to slight changes in your fingerprint and increases the chance of first time authorization. As well, not only will you be able to carry your firearm, but you can place valuables and spare ammo into these cases. 800-222-1055 . Fees may accrue. Two backup keys are included as standard and should be used to open the safe only in emergencies. 0000004642 00000 n 0000040450 00000 n Can you use the keypad as well as the scanner to open? Weighing in at just three pounds and with a TSA approved design – this is quality and portable gun safe selection. The foam lining does not press tightly against thin pistols when closed. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Or register online at If this is what you’re after, then why not check out our next suggestion, the…, Affordability is a big deal these days – especially when we have a lot of commitments and outgoings to deal with in this modern age. Then, all you have to do is wrap the cable around a fixed object to keep your gun safe in one place. Even if you are planning on putting this in your vehicle you should still be able to find a strong spot to mount it. So there should be a safe solution for most gun owners within this review. The MVB500 is cost effective biometric option for storing a small handgun away from children, but at the same time keeping it near enough to remain useful for self-defense in case of an intruder. If you have troublemaking teens in the home then I personally would buy a more high security gun safe just to be on the safe side. Using heavy 18 gauge steel, you already know that it will be almost impossible to break this handgun safe open. GV5900 Shown And the lock is a simple yet effective deluxe key style lock, so you won’t have to remember or input any combinations – just simply use your key. Next up, let’s see what this First Alert 5100K Portable Handgun Safe has to offer in features and functionality. x�b```"WV�!��1�0pt0�8r8 ��k� This is for those of us who bought the gunvault before it came with the easy "learn" button to reprogram the security code. Now let’s run through and unlock the features of each selection as we find the perfect car gun safe for you…. Built-in computer blocks access after repeated invalid entries. Requirements for Return & Repair . The MVB500 is one of the portable biometric fingerprint safes, it utilizes scans of your fingerprints to authorize the unlocking mechanism. Ultimately, this is a very sturdy safe design that is actually approved by the California DOJ Bureau of Firearms – making it one of the Best Car Gun Safes on the market and a quality purchase. Additionally, there are holes in place so that you can thread a supplied security through and attach the safe firmly into your vehicle, or other desired location. SentrySafe has made sure to use high-grade solid steel to ensure that this safe can’t be broken open too easily.

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