You did us proud. 15 million animals died in laboratories, 8 million were killed for their skin and fur, and 250 million were killed by hunters. justice. All rights reserved. global, viral celebration of compassion that was breathtaking in its scope If your city doesn't have a NARD event, organize one with us! On Sunday June 7, 2020, 1,000 activists and animal-lovers from around the world will join together to commemorate the 10th National Animal Rights Day (NARD X). 2020 Days: International Cheetah Day – December 4 World Wildlife Conservation Day – December 4 National Day of Animal Rights – December 10 National Day of the Horse – December 13 Monkey Day – December 14 Visit the Zoo Day – December 27 When you buy any of our merchandise, you are helping us spread the message, raise funds for more events, and liberate more animals! As you can see from the images on the left, the use and abuse of non-human animals is all prevalent. The event, which will include an Opening Memorial Ceremony for the animals, and then a Celebration with special guest speakers and performers, will take place on Zoom, with 1,000 people participating from such cities as Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Mumbai, Calabar Nigeria, Perth, Tokyo, and more! Happy and free. To learn more about our history click Here. On Sunday June 7, 2020, 1,000 activists and animal-lovers from around the world will join together to commemorate the 10th National Animal Rights Day (NARD X). Please use a stationary home computer to log into the event, and not a mobile phone. All rights to the contents of this site are reserved to. of the copyrighted material (as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law). October 4, World Animal Day, is also the feast day of Francis of Assisi who was the patron saint of animals. All copied and racial injustice in the form of dietary racism in the USDA food guidelines, Many With their offspring and families. Live musical performances, gut-wrenching talks, a sensuous vegan fashion show, a cutting edge animal rights panel, poetry… I could go on and on. in the glory of diversity, kindness and the pursuit of justice. In the year 2019, 150 billion animals were killed in slaughterhouses all around the world. The annual International Animal Rights Day (IARD) – 10th December – aims to remember the animal victims of human tyranny and call for the recognition of our Universal Declaration of Animal Rights (UDAR). We only run on donations, so any help goes a long way! should be: basking in the glory of diversity, kindness and the pursuit of in 2011, The National Animal Rights Day (NARD) is an annual day observed in multiple countries around the world on the first Sunday in June, for the purpose of giving a voice to all animals and raising awareness for their rights, until all animals are free from enslavement and their rights are established and protected by law. The aim of this day is to improve the status of animals on an international level while raising awareness about their welfare and rights. The Animal Rights National Conference strives to be a safe space, inclusive and accessible to all. It brought tears to my eyes. Fair Use Notice: This document, and others on our web site, may contain copyrighted This event was so inspiring and, as thousands watched all over the world, Many workers have died. Theirs Too. If you wish to use this copyrighted material for purposes of your own that go beyond fair use, others are sick and infecting their communities. you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. We have gotten accustomed to relying on animals for almost everything we do. environmental racism that places slaughterhouses and factory farms in over a thousand people signing up almost immediately. More than 1,000 animals that otherwise would have been discarded, have been given a proper funeral, and burial or cremation, at our events. reprinted material must contain proper credits and web site link racial injustice, a pandemic caused by exploitation and abuse of animals and We face a triad of troubles: It's "Memorial Day" and "Independence Day" for the animals, combined. moderate the animal rights panel featuring movement leaders who spoke about This is the world as it should be: basking in the glory of diversity, kindness and the pursuit of justice. The conversations at NARD show the way. Copyright © 1998-2020 The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation. It will also be streamed to Facebook, where more people could watch it live! Due to the COVID-19 situation, the events that were planned in commemoration of the day in 50 cities around the world, have been switched to one, HUGE, GLOBAL EVENT ONLINE, where activists will come together to remember the animals lost this year, and celebrate the progress made to end the suffering of their brothers and sisters. National Animal Rights Day went digital this year and transformed into a global, viral celebration of compassion that was breathtaking in its scope and depth. Our National Animal Rights Day (NARD) events are unique in their format and style, and altogether comprise one of the biggest globally-coordinated animal rights event in the world! Some of them have feathers, some of them have fur, some of them have paws and some have tiny little legs. new Vegans for Black Lives Matter Facebook page, which has taken off with We can World Animal Day –. to create a product called meat, which isn’t good for our health. Check "Our Events" section below, for all the info! Established by the non-profit Our Planet. and depth. But they all share the very same thing we have in common too: they have the right to live. The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation and factories only to get infected with the virus. I was proud to Now’s the time for all animal-lovers to show us their compassion because October 4 is World Animal Day and we’re planning to make a big roar. On this day, special NARD events are held in major cities around the world, to Commemorate the billions of animals who die every year by human hands, Educate the public about the cruelty-free, plant-based alternatives, and Celebrate the progress that is being made towards ending the suffering of animals. Live musical performances, gut-wrenching talks, a sensuous vegan May be copied only for personal use or by not-for-profit climate change, caused in large part by our destruction of the natural world This is the world as it should be: basking That's more than 100 MILLION living beings A DAY! Elizabeth and the entire National Animal Rights Day team. Established by the non-profit Our Planet. America, was addressed repeatedly. It has been part of our daily lives since the dawn of humanity. October 4, 2020. Since we started, more than 100,000 people have attended or actively participated in our events around the world. minority communities and the bigotry that insists slaughterhouse workers, They include two parts: Check the map below for our progress over the years, and for info on each year's events (click on the red dots): PEOPLE REACHED THROUGH PHOTOS AND VIDEOS FROM OUR EVENTS. © 2011 - 2020. Animal activists and organisations across the world use this occasion to make the world a better and safer place for animals and urge people to speak up … Some of the special guests already confirmed are: Privacy Policy   Terms of Use  © 2017-2020  Veg Groups.

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